English Pointer and Bobtail - Agel Moravia


Welcome to our website dedicated to Bobtail and English Pointer kennel Agel Moravia!

Our kennel was founded in 2020 and its name is derived from names of our two first females - Pointer Agata and Bobtail Elastyna.
Agata came to our family as a companion dog. Pointer is very elegant and active breed, which is also suitable for children and Agata is no exception. Our pick of a breeder was not a coincidence. Due to a recommendation we have decided to contact Mrs. Lenka Horakova, who is very dedicated breeder of Pointers and does not hesitate to travel long distances to import a new blood line or make her dream combination or come true.

Very soon we got a dog companion for Agata. Bobtail was my dream come true since I was a child. And by importing Elastyna from a reputable polish kennel it came true.
In 2019 little Pointer girl Brís, who is also bred by Mrs. Horakova, joined our pack as well as another Bobtail girl - Shero, who I imported from Croatia.

FCI registered kennel Agel Moravia

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